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Articles Tagged ‘Invasive Species - Rock Creek Conservancy’

Beautiful but not Benign


Porcelain Berries on Vine
Porcelain berries may look beautiful, but watch out because these vines can destroy ecosystems! 
Photo credit

Invasive Plant Spotlight: Porcelainberry

(Ampelopsis brevipedunculata)

This month our invasive plant spotlight features a pestering vine with some very pretty berries.  Porcelainberry, also known as amur peppervine, is one of Rock Creek Park’s most invasive vine species.

Invasive Species Spotlight: Bamboo




Bamboo (Bambusa vulgaris, Phyllostachys aurea, Pseudosasa japonica)

This month we focus on one of the more recognizable invasive plant species found in Rock Creek Park; bamboo! If you have traveled at all throughout the watershed, you have undoubtedly seen bamboo on the edge of yards, alleys, or parks.

Invasive Species Spotlight: Tree of Heaven

 Bark and flowers
Photo: The leaves and flowers of the Tree of Heaven. Photo credit. 

Last month we focused on one of Rock Creek Park’s most common native tree species. This month we switch to highlight one of its most invasive, Tree of Heaven also known as Stinking Sumac, Varnish-tree, Stink-tree, and Ailanthus altissima