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Community Spotlight: African American Civil War Reenactor Bryan Cheesboro


4th usct reenact.jpg

In a lot of ways, Rock Creek holds the history of America. It's been here from the beginning of our nation, and it has flowed through this land in observance of many defining points in our history. Included in that account are many significant moments in African American history. You can find these compelling stories hidden through the Rock Creek watershed.  

Today, in honor of Black History Month we’re highlighting Bryan Cheeseboro, an African American Civil War re-enactor who is on the Board of the Alliance to Preserve Civil War Defenses of Washington and works as an Archives Technician for the National Archives and Records Administration.  

Continue reading for his unique perspective Civil War re-enactment and African American history in Rock Creek.  

Citizen Science – Not just a buzzword!

If you’ve been at all involved in conservation efforts over the last few years you have probably heard the term citizen science offered as an opportunity for individuals and groups to engage in programmatic efforts. You may be wondering what citizen science actually is? Fortunately, we are here to help!

C:\Users\RockCreekConservancy\Dropbox\Photos\Photos by Year and Event\2016 Events\BioBlitz 2016\Photos by Katie Schuler\Macro-Invertebrates, Pierce Mill\7E8A7773.JPGCitizen scientists counting macroinvertebrates (AKA: little water bugs). The composition of macroinvertebrate populations is a good indicator of stream health. 

Give a Rock Creek Valentine


We have a secret.

Here at Rock Creek Conservancy, we've got a major crush on you. We love you for loving Rock Creek (we just can't help it!) So, we put together a little something we thought you might like. 

Top 5 “Big Game” Critters

 Big Game Critters Header

It's finally here, the second biggest eating day of the year. That’s right, its Big Game Weekend! Several NFL teams are named after animals that you might see in the Rock Creek watershed, including one of the teams that will be playing for the Lombardy Trophy on Sunday. While you’re munching on chicken wings and chili, do you know what some of your favorite team animals will be eating? If you said pigeons, berries, bugs you’re right! In honor of the Big Game, let’s take a closer look at some of our favorite NFL team namesakes. And remember…you should never feed wild animals.

Theodore Roosevelt in Rock Creek Park

Theodore Roosevelt in Rock Creek Park - Header

With Presidents Day Weekend just around the corner, we here at Rock Creek Conservancy figured it’s a great time to share Rock Creek Park’s presidential past with you. And while numerous presidents have spent time in the park, Theodore Roosevelt is undoubtedly the commander in chief who has spent the most. From 1901 to 1909, America’s twenty-sixth president could often be found in the Rock Creek Park hiking, horseback riding, birding, and picnicking with his family.

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