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RC3 is Taking Over the Rock Creek Blog!


One of the Rock Creek Conservation Corps crews gets ready to go canoeing to learn about the watershed.

Above: Suited and booted! These Rock Creek Conservation Corps crew members are getting ready to go canoeing.
They will learn to work as a team while exploring the watershed that they will spend the summer protecting.  


Hands will be dirtied! Knowledge will be gained! Relationships will be forged! Doors will be opened! Blogs will be written?

Rock Creek Conservation Corps (RC3) started this week, and it's bigger than ever. For the third summer in a row, students from D.C. highschools are stepping outside the concrete jungle and are being plunged into the world of watershed conservation. The goal is simple: to empower non-traditional leaders from diverse backgrounds to become stewards of the environment. The program is designed to do this through a variety of conservation projects throughout the Rock Creek watershed. Want to know more about those projects? Tune in next week! 
That's right! RC3 is taking over the blog! RC3 crews will be posting starting next Friday, July 7th. You can also keep up-to-date by following the Rock Creek Conservancy Facebook page and Instagram. If you follow our instagram, you can see our instagram stories which will detail a "day in the life" view of our program. 

Want more RC3 details? We have all of the information you could want on our website. 

Want to support RC3 and other programs like it? Why not donate to Rock Creek Conservancy? 

Instagram highlight from the week:  
RC3 Crewmembers canoe down a river listening to tunes and learning about the watershed!
Crew members are getting to know the watershed and one another!
It's hard to ignore how important the watershed is when you're in the middle of it. 



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