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Erosion No More!



ANS RC3 2017 2

This week we worked on erosion control at Woodend Sanctuary, headquarters of Audubon Naturalist Society.

When it rains, water flows from many places down into the valley, causing the soil on the hillside to erode. Slowing down runoff using methods such as planting and creating berms (i.e. a series of flat strips of stair-like land) prevents oil, gas, and other pollutants from flowing into the creek. With the work that we did at Woodend Sanctuary, we helped mitigate the harmful effects of erosion and pollution in Rock Creek.

We added compost soxx stop the water from rushing down the hill, which helps prevent erosion, and guides water to the plants. Speaking of plants, we planted a variety of trees such as eastern red bud, elderberry, fringetree, and spicebush. We then put fencing around the plants to keep them away from deer, because deer tend to try to eat new plants they haven't seen before. (We didn't put fencing around the spice berry. Deer don’t like the spicy taste of the berries and generally stay away from the plants.)

Next time you go to Woodend Sanctuary, take a look around and see if you can spot the work we did to prevent erosion!

- RC3 members Thomas Broadnax and Cassandra Hernandez


The Results of Our Work:


Audubon Naturalist Society - Wood End


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