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RCC Staff's Top 7 Silent Auction Picks for 2017

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What's a 
Fauxtion? A Faux Auction Of Course!

The Rock Creek Gala is coming up, and our Special Events coordinator has been working hard to put some seriously amazing silent auction packages together. The packages include experiences like whitewater rafting in Utah, exploring the fitness scene in DC, getting crafty with mixology classes, meeting a real-live elephant, and so much more (31 more to be precise). The Rock Creek Conservancy crew is going to be working hard all night at the Gala to make sure it's a total blast, but that doesn't mean we can't join in the fun! So, we just did what anyone else would do in our situation. We staged a faux silent auction (a fauxtion, if you will). 

Will the fauxtion's result match our most popular items on October, 14th? Only time will tell! 

Find out below which packages have been dubbed RCC's fauxtion favorites:


1) Scott Einberger: A Week Trip to Palm Springs

Value $2,500 | Starting bid $1,200

"Being a northern California native, southern California is also a fantastic destination. With Joshua Tree National Park, the "Indian Canyons" of the Agua Caliente Indian Reservation, and Mt. San Jacinto State Park located near Palm Springs, hiking and nature exploration opportunities abound. Further afield, trips to Little Japan, the Hollywood Museum, and other locations in Los Angeles proper are doable. Finally, the house itself looks like a nice place to relax."

Palm Springs Auction Item



2) Jamie Turnham: A Week Cottage Stay near Acadia National Park 

Value: $1,550 | Starting Bid: $800 

"I have never been to Maine but Acadia National Park has been on the top of my list as long as I remember. For outdoor enthusiasts, Acadia is one of the most beautiful and lively locations on the east coast."

Maine Cottage

3) John Maleri: Week Retreat to Block Island, RI 

Value: $2,580 | Starting Bid: $1200 

"Growing up in New England, Block Island was where I spent a week in the summer each year of my life. The quintessential beach town, Block Island offers the perfect escape for a week of summer vacation. Scenic beaches and miles of trails line the tiny island where 40% of the land is conserved. The island features no stop lights and parking meters, and many of the roads are dirt where they wind and turn to beautiful homes and hotels. At the center of the island is the Great Salt Pond, a beautiful marina featuring waterside restaurants and kayaking. Whether you are interested in biking the island, chartering a fishing boat to sail Block Island Sound, or relaxing the day away on the beach, Block Island offers something for everyone."

 Rhode Island Maine


4) Kate Arion: Year of Yoga 

Value: $1,710 | Starting Bid: $350 

"I have been practicing yoga for about five years now, and it truly has become part of my lifestyle. I make sure to practice yoga every Monday night after work at my gym. The class allows me to relax at the beginning of my work week, and clear my head after a stressful Monday (We can all agree Monday’s are the worst, right?). I practice yoga outside when the weather is nice, and I frequently travel with my mat so I can stick to my routine. My favorite auction package is the “Year of Yoga” one because it features so many different studios in the area. The only formal classes I have been to are those offered at my gym, so I would love the opportunity to expand my knowledge of yoga by practicing with a variety of teachers in several locations. Plus, I do need a new mat."

5) Matt Fleischer: Whiskey Barrel turned Rain Barrel from One Eight Distilling

Value: $410 | Starting Bid: $200 

"Why not? Taking something that is no longer usable for its original purpose (which is a wonderful purpose by the way) and recycling it into something that also serves a great purpose. You have to have clean water to go into making a great whiskey so it is just logical that an unused barrel would help make clean water in Rock Creek! Great idea, love it, and hope I get a small sample of what was in the barrel before it is turned into the rain barrel!"

One Eight

6) Katy Cain: Brew a Rock Creek Beer 

Value: $560 | Starting Bid: $300 

"Aside from a good long hike, is there a better way to ground yourself in this history of Rock Creek? (I think not.) In the past few years, my casual curiosity for beer has grown into something more like an educated understanding. I’ve never brewed a beer in my life, but my background in microbiology has my interest piqued. Learning how to craft a homebrew from these beer-brewing brainiacs might be the push I need to take my beer explorations to the next level!"

Lost Lagers

7) Michelle Kokolis: Rock the Red for Rock Creek

Value: $1000 | Starting Bid: $500 


"One of the things I love about living in DC is the wide array of professional sports teams you can support, and I take any opportunity I can to get out and catch a game. However, on this night, I won’t be Rocking the Red because I bleed Black and Gold! I’ll be cheering for the defending Stanley Cup champs as the crush the Caps! Let’s Go Pens!"

Rock the REd

Don't miss the opportunity to bid on these auction items! Buy your Gala tickets here. 




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