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New Year, New Blog


Happy New Year From Rock Creek Conservancy

Happy New Year!

Last week we published our top 4 list of new years resolutions that help protect Rock Creek. Today, we're sharing a resolution of our own! 

In 2018 we are resolving to completely re-vamp the blog.

Yes, we will be filling this space with content, published every Monday, from our team here at Rock Creek Conservancy. You can expect some familiar content, like our native and invasive species highlights, in addition to some new stuff,  like top 5 in the watershed lists! We’re excited to share our perspective with you, educate the internet about our favorite creek and watershed, and explore new ideas!

We will also be doing a community highlight section, and we would love to see you all join in. If you have a story, an experience, a passion, or even just a photo that has to do with Rock Creek, just let us know! We’ll be bringing your stories to life here, because you, our dear supporters, are the reason we can do all of the work we do.

The Schedule:
Each Monday will rotate through four themes with some wildcards thrown in for months that don’t fit the pattern (we’re looking at you February.) Over the course of the year, you will hear from every single staff member and other people who love Rock Creek as much as we do. Of course, if an event needs some love or there’s a huge Rock Creek update you need to know about then we will post outside of the schedule. But, for now, this will be our base and we’re excited to get started!

First Monday: Top 5 in the Watershed Lists (With an exception for today!)
Second Monday:  Behind the Scenes
Third Monday: Community Spotlight
Fourth Monday: Naturally Rock Creek 

We will also be posting our blogs to Medium, so feel free to follow us there as well!

For any questions, suggestions, or to get on the blog contact Katy Cain.


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