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Red Fox: The Most Dashing Urban Mammal


Red FoxPhoto: A red fox sitting among native grasses. Photo credit. 

Species Spotlight: Red Fox (Vulpes vulpes)

For the last couple years, we have been highlighting many of the different flora that are commonly found in the Rock Creek Watershed.  This month we decided to switch it up and focus on one of our favorite fauna that you will see commonly roaming the areas around Rock Creek…the cute, and elusive, red fox!

Beautiful but not Benign


Porcelain Berries on Vine
Porcelain berries may look beautiful, but watch out because these vines can destroy ecosystems! 
Photo credit

Invasive Plant Spotlight: Porcelainberry

(Ampelopsis brevipedunculata)

This month our invasive plant spotlight features a pestering vine with some very pretty berries.  Porcelainberry, also known as amur peppervine, is one of Rock Creek Park’s most invasive vine species.

Halloween Forest Bathing

 Halloween Title Slide

I’ve never really been into Halloween, with all its costumes and ghost stories. While I had not planned on celebrating this Dia de Los Muertos, I may have actually encountered a spirit in Rock Creek Park on Halloween morning.

Post-Gala Fire Sale!

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Did you miss the Rock Creek Gala earlier this month? Have no fear: you can still support Rock Creek Conservancy in our Gala Firesale. These items from our silent auction are still up for grabs, so here’s your chance to buy them now! Whether you’re treating yourself or already thinking about gifts for the holidays, these items will not disappoint.

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