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RCC Staff's Top 7 Silent Auction Picks for 2017

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What's a 
Fauxtion? A Faux Auction Of Course!

The Rock Creek Gala is coming up, and our Special Events coordinator has been working hard to put some seriously amazing silent auction packages together. The packages include experiences like whitewater rafting in Utah, exploring the fitness scene in DC, getting crafty with mixology classes, meeting a real-live elephant, and so much more (31 more to be precise). The Rock Creek Conservancy crew is going to be working hard all night at the Gala to make sure it's a total blast, but that doesn't mean we can't join in the fun! So, we just did what anyone else would do in our situation. We staged a faux silent auction (a fauxtion, if you will). 

Will the fauxtion's result match our most popular items on October, 14th? Only time will tell! 

Find out below which packages have been dubbed RCC's fauxtion favorites:

Top Three History Facts about Rock Creek (Before it was Rock Creek)

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Birthdays are a time for reflection, and with Rock Creek Park’s 127th anniversary coming up later this month (September 27, 1890), there is, in fact, much to be content about this year.

For instance, after decades of planning and securing funding, Beach Drive began being repaved. As a bicyclist, I am particularly excited about this—no more rough road! Additionally, after 25 years of debate, Klingle Valley Park reopened, this time in the form of a cleaner stream courtesy of the green infrastructure along its length, and with a paved trail rather than roadway. Way before the year 2017 though, even before Rock Creek Park was established in 1890, there were several important years that contributed to the Rock Creek Valley’s rich heritage.

Check out this Champion Chestnut!

Native Plant Spotlight: Chestnut Oak (Quercus prinus)

 Chesnut Oak 164729

This Chesnut Oak in Battery Kemble Park is a champion for a reason! It is the largest individual tree of its species in the country. Yes, I said "individual." Each of these "trunks" is part of the same tree! 

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