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Invasive Species Spotlight: Bamboo




Bamboo (Bambusa vulgaris, Phyllostachys aurea, Pseudosasa japonica)

This month we focus on one of the more recognizable invasive plant species found in Rock Creek Park; bamboo! If you have traveled at all throughout the watershed, you have undoubtedly seen bamboo on the edge of yards, alleys, or parks.

RC3 is Taking Over the Rock Creek Blog!


One of the Rock Creek Conservation Corps crews gets ready to go canoeing to learn about the watershed.

Above: Suited and booted! These Rock Creek Conservation Corps crew members are getting ready to go canoeing.
They will learn to work as a team while exploring the watershed that they will spend the summer protecting.  


Hands will be dirtied! Knowledge will be gained! Relationships will be forged! Doors will be opened! Blogs will be written?

Hunting for Pokemon (and health)

By Greg Pishko
Remember the last time you tried to adopt a healthy habit? Regardless of the outcome, you likely wished that it was a more enjoyable experience.
Gamification is a concept that turns behavior change into a game. When applied to healthy activities, gamification immerses participants into an engaging world of competition and awards to facilitate the progress of health behavior--and makes the experience fun.
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