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Black is the New Gray: Black Squirrels

Black Squirrels - Cute, Mysterious, Loves Peanuts

Walk around the Rock Creek watershed and you’ll likely see the Eastern grey squirrel (Sciurus carolinensis). It’s one of the most abundant urban mammals and although commonplace for those who live in the area they still continue to excite our four-legged canine friends.

Community Spotlight: Jake Klim

Jake Klim and Volunteers

 Stream Team Leader Jake Klim, second from left, poses with volunteers after removing trash and recyclable from Rock Creek in Rockville.

Stream Team leader: Randolph Hills, MD

Jake Klim has been a Stream Team leader with Rock Creek Conservancy for two years. He is going to be hosting a cleanup event in Randolph Hills for this year's MLK Weekend of Service, so we interviewed him about his experiences as a Stream Team leader and why he decided to volunteer on MLK Day.

"It's important for people to not simply treat the upcoming weekend as a "3 day weekend". I've certainly been guilty of this myself, but I'm thankful that RCC approached me and asked whether I would be willing to spearhead another cleanup. For me, this is yet another chance to "give back" to the local community in my own way." - Jake Klim, RCC Stream Team Leader 


Happy Hour for Good?


 Happy Hour for a Cause Header

Rock Creek Conservancy's Happy Hours for Good

Rock Creek Conservancy’s Rock Creek Gala is our biggest annual fundraiser. But we know fancy parties don’t fit into everyone’s lifestyle or budget. So in honor of the holidays, we hosted a few smaller, more low-key events to raise money for our advocacy, education, volunteer, and restoration programs.

New Year, New Blog


Happy New Year From Rock Creek Conservancy

Happy New Year!

Last week we published our top 4 list of new years resolutions that help protect Rock Creek. Today, we're sharing a resolution of our own! 

Top 4 New Years Resolutions That Protect Rock Creek



It's almost January, a time for new beginnings! The new year gives us the chance to start anew, so let’s start 2018 on the right foot. These four resolutions will help you become the person you want to be in 2018 while protecting your favorite public lands and waters!

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