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Find or Form a Team

Find or form a Stream Team today -- it's easy to do!

The first step is to identify an area near where you live or work that you would like to adopt. Find your area on this map and see if it has been adopted.
• If so, you are welcome to join that existing Stream Team. Sign up for that Stream Team using the Stream Team Map.
• If your area is open for adoption, Rock Creek Conservancy will work with you to define the boundaries and identify major issues such as trash hotspots, invasive plants, and so forth. Be sure to read our Stream Team Leader Guidelines.

Becoming a Stream Team Leader:
• One adult volunteer can sign up as a new Stream Team Leader
• Two volunteers can co-lead, if desired.

Print and complete the Stream Team Leader Application; then send it via mail to:
Rock Creek Conservancy
4300 Montgomery Avenue, Suite 304
Betheda, MD 20814

Questions? Contact or call (301) 579-3105.