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Team Resources

Key Contacts

Stream Team Leaders must obtain advance approval before any group event in a park.

DC / Rock Creek Park

NPS logo-1

Scott Einberger, Volunteer Coordinator & Park Ranger (Interpretation)

Montgomery Parks

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Henry Coopola, Stream and Park Cleanup Coordinator

Reporting Problems

Carry and distribute these handy wallet cards of important phone numbers for DC or Montgomery County. You can see photos of illicit discharges and other water problems in Watching Water, a slide presentation from the District Department of the Environment.

Safety First

Stream Team Leaders must wear a safety vest. It is important to be visible and easily recognizable to volunteers and park officials.

In addition, wear appropriate clothing and insist that your volunteers do, too. Proper work clothes offer protection from ticks, poison ivy, and other outdoor hazards.

Long-sleeve shirts and pants (in all seasons!)
Sturdy shoes or work boots and socks
Hat or bandanna
Work gloves

Lyme Disease – a warm weather threat!

All Stream Team leaders and team members should read Montgomery County's brochure on Lyme disease prevention, check out this poster on identifying ticks and the diseases they transmit, and visit Montgomery County's Department of Health & Human Services website for detailed information.

More Safety Guidelines

Montgomery County Park & Stream Cleanup Safety Guidelines
Safety and HAZMAT Collection Guidelines (from the Alice Ferguson Foundation)
Sharps Removal Procedures (from the Alice Ferguson Foundation)

Required Event Forms

Volunteer Sign-in Sheet/ Waiver - Make sure every volunteer signs in on this form.

Stream Team Event Data Collection Form - After an event, fill out this form so we can keep track of all the good work you and your volunteers accomplish.

Rock Creek Park/National Park Service Volunteer Services Agreement - This form must be filled out and submitted prior to any work done in Rock Creek Park, DC.

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