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Interns at Work

Check out what our interns are up to when they're hard at work! 

 Allison Radack 

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What is your role at Rock Creek Conservancy?

I was the Community Outreach Intern for Rock Creek Conservancy.

What do you like about interning at Rock Creek Conservancy?

I really like how friendly and helpful the whole staff at Rock Creek Conservancy is. I also enjoyed the work that I got to do and the great experiences that came with it. I learned a lot and I'm glad I got to work for such an inspiring nonprofit! 

What is your favorite park of Rock Creek Park? 

My favorite part about Rock Creek Park is definitely the well maintained, and seemingly never ending trails. I also love getting to take my dog on walks through the Park, it's a perfect way to escape the fast-paced city and enjoy nature. Rock Creek Park offers a wonderful sanctuary in such a busy place. 


Nicholas Wells

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What is your role at Rock Creek Conservancy?

I was a 125th Anniversary Intern, so I helped develop and implement our community engagement campaign as part of Rock Creek Conservancy's plans to celebrate Rock Creek Park's 125th Anniversary. I wrote press releases and blog pieces, conducted local sponsorship, and developed and organized events. I also helped out with grant writing, worked on editing the new website and carried out research.

What do you like about interning at Rock Creek Conservancy?

Because Rock Creek Conservancy is located in the Bethesda Green business incubator space, everyone in the Conservancy, along with staff from other organizations and companies, work together closely, so there is a strong sense of community. A smaller work environment also ensures that Conservancy interns are engaged in a variety of work experiences.

What is your favorite park of Rock Creek Park? 

The best part of Rock Creek Park is definitely Georgetown Waterfront Park. The setting on the Potomac River makes it incredibly scenic, and the steps next to the water are a perfect place to hang out with friends and eat Chipotle.


Elizabeth Patton

What is your role at Rock Creek Conservancy? 


I am the Communications Intern at Rock Creek Conservancy and am responsible for developing and posting events, managing all social media accounts, editing and contributing to our website, writing press releases and organizing our community engagement campaigns. 

What do you like about interning at Rock Creek Conservancy?

I enjoy the close-knit feel of the office and the positive collaboration. Being part of this small team means that each person contributes and has a purpose in reaching an ultimate goal.

What is your favorite part of Rock Creek Park?

I would have to say taking a leisurely walk through Dumbarton Oaks' gardens is probably my favorite.  

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