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  • Rock Creek Park


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Web Link Check out our Online Maps!

Interested in learning more about Rock Creek Park? Take a look at Access Rock Creek, an online map showing parks, recreational opportunities, trail access points, picnic areas, points of interest, and nearby attractions.

Web Link Rock Creek National Park Map

Downloadable PDF map from the National Park Service showing trails and points of interest.

Web Link 2011 Rock Creek Extreme Cleanup Sites

The third annual Rock Creek Extreme Cleanup took place at over 60 locations along Rock Creek. This map, prepared by Kevin Flynn, shows the cleanup locations.

Web Link Rock Creek Trails

From You must register to see the map.

Web Link Montgomery County Stream & Watershed Finder

Montgomery County is made up of nearly 150 subwatersheds. The map shows streams, tributaries, lakes, and other water features within Montgomery County. Enter your address to earn more about your creek!

Web Link DC Watershed Finder

Approximately two thirds of the District is served by a municipal separate storm sewer system (MS4). In this area, rainwater washes trash, dirt, drips from cars, and bacteria from pet waste straight to the nearest creek. The remaining third of the District is served by a combined sewer system, which carries rainwater and sewage to the Blue Plains treatment plant. During heavy rains, the combined sewers overflow (CSO), sending raw sewage into Rock Creek. To learn what watershed you live in and whether you live in the MS4 or combined sewer (CSO) area, visit the Watershed Map.

Web Link Chesapeake Bay FieldScope Project

The Chesapeake Bay FieldScope Project is a "citizen science" initiative in which students investigate water quality issues on local and regional levels and collaborate with students across the Bay to analyze data and take action. This is a project of National Geographic's Education Programs in collaboration with the Chesapeake Bay Foundation and the NOAA Chesapeake Bay Office.


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