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Our Work


The Mission: 

Our mission is to restore Rock Creek and its parklands as a natural oasis for all people to appreciate and protect. To accomplish this, we:

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Strategic Direction: 

Our focus over the next five years is a targeted effort to protect and restore natural habitats in the Rock Creek watershed, with substantial gains in water quality and forest health, and to support and make significant improvements to physical and virtual infrastructure to make the parks accessible to more people. Although the National Park Service and the Montgomery County Department of Parks are the land managers, we aim to deepen the culture of environmental stewardship to ensure diverse communities are connected to, and caring for, Rock Creek. 

In 2016, we released our second strategic plan. This ambitious agenda identifies the significant challenges to Rock Creek, our accomplishments to date in meeting those challenges, our goals and objectives for the period ahead, and how we intend to meet those goals. Take a look here



RCC Documents: 


Keeping Urban Green


Revitalizing Rock Creek Park





Keeping Urban Green
Strategic Plan 2016-2020

Revitalizing Rock Creek Park:
The Next 125 Years

Assembled by Rock Creek Conservancy as part of this milestone anniversary year of Rock Creek Park, a prestigious Green Ribbon Panel reviewed, made recommendations, and presented Revitalizing Rock Creek Park: The Next 125 Years. Green Ribbon Panel members are recognized authorities in environmental and regional resource issues, including natural and built environments, community engagement, urban planning, parks and recreational issues, education, and awareness regarding the natural environment. 

Learn more about the panel.

Revitalizing Rock Creek Park:
The Next 125 Years
Executive Summary






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