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Broad Branch Restoration

What is the Broad Branch restoration project?

In May of 2016, the District Department of Energy and Environment awarded a $19,960 RiverSmart Innovation Grant to the Forest Hills Neighborhood Alliance for restoration of wildlife habitat in the area around Broad Branch and Linnean Streams in Rock Creek.  In partnership with Rock Creek Conservancy, Forest Hills citizen Katrina Weinig is leading the effort to improve and restore the beautiful area of Rock Creek Park.

Project Goal

Under the program, partners and stakeholders will first develop a comprehensive design and planting plan that will help beautify the site, increase natural habitat for animals, birds, and insects, and support biodiversity with the increase of native trees, shrubs, perennials, and grasses.

The project will build upon the award winning daylight and restoration project, completed in 2015 by DOEE and the National Park Service (NPS), and improve water quality with the introduction of native plants and grasses, create and improve wildlife habitat, covert stormwater to groundwater, and create a more friendly and welcoming community space for all to enjoy.

How to help

Invasive Plant Removal Events

There are many opportunities to get involved in the project.  Rock Creek Conservancy is hosting monthly invasive removal activities for volunteers to get out and help clear unwanted plants in Broad Branch.  More information about the next public invasive activity is coming soon.

Broad Branch Community Kickoff

Community Kickoff Event

Partners and stakeholders hosted a community kick-off event to announce and celebrate the project on Sunday, October 16. Highlights included:

  • Invasive species removal led by Rock Creek Conservancy
  • Remarks by Councilmember Mary Cheh
  • A tour of the restoration site
  • Native plant exhibit and sale by Chesapeake Natives

Thank you to those who joined us!

Planting Events

On Saturday, November 5, 2016, over 100 volunteers organized planted 125 trees and close to 50 shrubs at the Broad Branch site!

In April and May 2017 an additional 2000 shrubs, grasses, and perennials were planted in Broad Branch as part of the restoration program.  These plantings add a variety of native plants to the area to help control stormwater runoff and create habitat for wildlife and pollinators.  The design was organized by local landscape architect Darlene Robbins and was installed completely by volunteer energy.  

In the Summer of 2017 through a grant by ANC3F an Urban Forestry and Maintenance Intern was hired to monitor and maintain the recently planted section of Broad Branch!


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 July 9th Invasive Removal



August 19th Invasive Removal with Howard Univeristy Students



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