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Bush Honeysuckle Initiative

Help Remove Invasive Bush Honeysuckle

After the success of Rock Creek Conservancy’s English Ivy Initiative, we have teamed up with the National Park Service and Montgomery County Parks to target Bush Honeysuckle, and invasive bush found commonly across the Rock Creek Watershed. Join us at a volunteer event or outreach effort and learn how you can help tackle this growing problem! 


Bush Honeysuckle is an incredibly adaptable and invasive bush that prevents the reforestation of cut or disturbed areas and prevents the reestablishment of native plants. The dense thickets of honeysuckle block sunlight from native species and are less nutritious for native bird species. Specifically, the plant structure of honeysuckle facilitates access to robin nests by predators such as snakes.

Bush Honeysuckle is an upright, deciduous shrub that can grow to 15-20 feet in height. The bush is littered with white, pinkish or faded yellow, tubular flowers, and its berries are red to orange-red. The fruit of the honeysuckle is incredibly attractive to birds, which increases the likelihood of the plant spreading further.

Bush Honeysuckle Web Photo

What are we doing about it, and how can you help?

Rock Creek Conservancy is working with park authorities to document and remove Bush Honeysuckle from specified areas in the Rock Creek Park watershed. We're also educating neighbors of the park about the problem and how to remove Bush honeysuckle from their own property. 

We are also enlisting volunteers to help remove the invasive bush, one area at a time. This may take years, but we're confident this will help control one of Rock Creek Park’s most invasive plant species. Click here to let us know if you would like to volunteer. You can also sign up to receive our eNews listing volunteer opportunities or check our website calendar for upcoming Bush Honeysuckle events.

Remember—you can't go out and cut Bush Honeysuckle in the park on your own! You must have permission from the proper authority. Let us know if you want to participate. We'll let you know about Weed Warrior training and volunteer opportunities.

Please join us to help save Rock Creek Park from invasive Bush Honeysuckle!

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