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Beautification in Rock Creek

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Beautification in Rock Creek

Rock Creek Parkway commuters near Pennsylvania Ave. will soon to be in for a floral surprise! On Saturday, June 10, Rock Creek Conservancy and the National Park Service will welcome volunteers from throughout the DC metro area to plant wildflowers and daffodils during this special planting event. The project aims to revive Lady Bird Johnson's 1960s beautification campaign designed to make the United States, including Rock Creek Park, a more beautiful place. Over the next several years Rock Creek Park and Rock Creek Conservancy hope to install several wildflower and daffodil gardens throughout the Park.

These flowers aren’t just a pretty addition to the park; they are working hard to increase the health of our environment by reducing runoff and increasing biodiversity. Wildflower gardens provide food and shelter to pollinators and other animals in the city. They also help reduce runoff into Rock Creek, which in turn helps reduce pollution in the Potomac. Reducing runoff is critically important for waterways that are near roads and cities, where water headed into creeks, streams, and rivers may bring along noxious chemicals from the urban environment.

Interested in volunteering?

The event is an all-day affair, split between morning and afternoon shifts. Volunteers are asked to sign up online.

More information can be found on our events page.

Contact John Maleri at with any questions you may have.

About Rock Creek Conservancy

Rock Creek Conservancy is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization which is committed to restoring Rock Creek and its parklands as a natural oasis for all people to appreciate and protect. As the only organization dedicated solely to Rock Creek and its parks, the Conservancy is uniquely positioned to foster outreach, education, and efforts to overcome threats to Rock Creek. For more information, visit