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Rock Creek Conservation Corps (RC3) Enters its Third Summer


Students from different backgrounds link arms during a team building event.


RC3 Offers Highschoolers a Transformative Experience in Rock Creek Park

For the third summer in a row, youth from diverse communities are going to be accomplishing critical conservation work and engaging local communities to develop and sustain a culture of environmental stewardship for future generations. This year, the program has nearly doubled in size, growing from 22 to 40 crewmembers.

During the 4-week youth work program spearheaded by Rock Creek Conservancy, the Rock Creek Conservation Corps (RC3) will remove invasive exotic plants in key restoration areas, install green infrastructure to manage polluted runoff, and maintain trails for all people to appreciate.

RC3 is designed to not only revitalize Rock Creek, but to also provide a transformative experience to the 16- to 19-year-old crew members.

“Rock Creek Conservation Corps is an innovative program that empowers youth to be leaders in their community through conservation work and outreach, thus creating a culture of stewardship for future generations,” said Erica Carlsson, the program manager for RC3 who specializes in youth, education and health. “With research showing strong public support for youth crews in America’s National Parks, this program goes hand-in-hand with the Department of the Interior’s efforts to encourage young people to protect the nation’s public lands.”

Quotes from previous RC3 Crew Members:

“I realized that the park is a huge part of my life, and wherever I go, I want Rock Creek to be involved. It’s a magical place.”
- Dona Anderson (2016, Rising Senior)

“ RC3 has taught me the value of our city’s park and how I can advocate for the well-being of National Parks everywhere. I was taught the multiple ways our Park effects every resident’s life, and the ways we must conserve our park.”
- Danny Ayele (2016, Graduate)

“RC3 has led me to meeting new people that I probably would have never met before, especially the EL Haynes crew. It has also kept my life occupied for the month, as well as making me feel important in a way.”
- Carlos Campos (2016, Graduate)

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About Rock Creek Conservancy

Rock Creek Conservancy is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization which is committed to restoring Rock Creek and its parklands as a natural oasis for all people to appreciate and protect. As the only organization dedicated solely to Rock Creek and its parks, the Conservancy is uniquely positioned to foster outreach, education, and efforts to overcome threats to Rock Creek. For more information, visit