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Rock Creek Conservancy would like to thank everyone involved in making this special Gala a successful event, demonstrating the power of the community coming together for Rock Creek Park!

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Press Release: Grassroots Groups Improve DC Water's Clean Rivers Project



Paul Mufarrij, Development & Communications 
(301) 579-3105 


Success for Clean Water Advocates in DC: Shaping Better Plans for Healthy Waterways

Bethesda, MD — Rock Creek Conservancy, along with a number of DC clean water organizations and activists, has submitted coments and recommendations to improve DC Water’s plan, the Clean Rivers Project. This plan was created to eliminate over 2 billion gallons of raw sewage and polluted stormwater that currently enter our rivers and creeks each year. The current draft of the plan shows how grassroots groups have helped create a better plan and had a profound influence on its future success.

For many years, the DC environmental community has worked towards goals of cleaner waterways in the District. In 2014, DC Water proposed to modify the Clean Rivers Project to incorporate green infrastructure (GI) tools that mimic the natural processes for capturing, slowing, and cleaning polluted water runoff. Many environmental organizations submitted comments supporting the use of GI but pressing for a more detailed plan and specific performance standards for the proposed GI projects.

On May 20th, DC Water introduced a modification of the plan that incorporated significant changes that address a number of our concerns and comments. These include collecting and providing the data necessary to create more confidence in the DC Water proposal and minimum performance standards for GI projects.

At a recent DC Water Briefing on the proposed plan modifications, DC Water General Manager, George Hawkins stated:

"The proposal that you’ll see has been modified significantly from what was ways that are the result of the comments we received from the public. So my view is that it has been improved by the public process, just as it should be."

We look forward to working with DC Water and other DC agencies as this plan is implemented. To see the full comments submitted by Rock Creek Conservancy, click here.

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About Rock Creek Conservancy

Rock Creek Conservancy protects the lands and waters of Rock Creek and revitalizes Rock Creek Park for people to treasure and enjoy. Rock Creek Conservancy is recognized as a 501(c)(3) organization by the Internal Revenue Service. For more information, please visit

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