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  • About Rock Creek Conservancy

Special Gift

Rock Creek Conservancy has several ways to give in honor of someone special.

Give a Gift Membership

Celebrate a holiday or birthday with a Rock Creek Conservancy gift membership.  Provide the person's name and address on the online donation form, and we will inform them of their gift membership.

Honor a Special Occasion

A gift to Rock Creek Conservancy can mark special occasions, such as a wedding, graduation, anniversary, or Mother's or Father's Day.  We will mail a letter to the honoree informing them of your generous gift, but the amount will not be disclosed.

Make a Tribute Donation

Pay tribute to the memory of someone you care about.  Provide the person's name and the family's address, and we will let them know of your gift.

Advocate for Cleanup of Toxins in the Anacostia River

Imagine not being able to play in Rock Creek or in your neighborhood stream.  After decades of pollution from toxic sites along the Anacostia River, that's the scenario for citizens who wish to use the Anacostia.  In February, a coalition of groups came together to form United for a Healthy Anacostia River.  This coalition intends to raise public awareness of the Anacostia's toxics problem and keep pressure on our local government officials not to let the cleanup fall behind.

To learn more about the problem and how you can help, go here and visit the website of United for a Healthy Anacostia River.  And sign the petition urging the District to make cleaning up the toxins in the river a top priority.

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Rock Creek Conservancy Appoints Matthew Fleischer as Executive Director

Bethesda, MD — February 12, 2014 — Rock Creek Conservancy, a non-profit organization dedicated to the protection of the lands and waters of Rock Creek Park, today announced the appointment of Matthew C. Fleischer as the Conservancy’s new executive director.

Fleischer is tasked with growing the organization’s resource development efforts and expanding the group’s donor base to increase its impact and support new conservation initiatives. In addition, he will oversee the day-to-day operations of the organization.

Rock Creek Conservancy protects the lands and waters of Rock Creek and revitalizes this national park for people to treasure and enjoy. The creek meanders 33 miles through the Washington, DC metropolitan area, crossing federal lands as well as district, city, county and state boundaries.  Although parkland borders much of the creek, the surrounding development and invasive species threaten the health and beauty of these natural areas.

“Rock Creek Conservancy is uniquely positioned to foster outreach, education and protection efforts to overcome threats to Rock Creek and the watershed,” said Fleischer. “I’m eager to extend our strategy of partnering with government agencies, other non-profit organizations, businesses, institutions, community groups, and residents to work together to preserve Rock Creek Park for present and future generations.”

Fleischer’s public debut with the organization took place last weekend when he oversaw a successful event in which Rock Creek Conservancy volunteers and supporters turned out to help beautify Melvin C. Hazen Park,  a section of Rock Creek Park, by clearing invasive English ivy. U.S. Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell was among the volunteers on hand for the event.

“We’re excited to have Matt join the Conservancy to help us expand the organization and organize to celebrate the 125th birthday of Rock Creek Park in 2015,” said Barbara Elkus, president of the board of directors for Rock Creek Conservancy. “We were struck by Matt’s background, energy and enthusiasm for our mission.”

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Check Out Our Online Map

Interested in learning more about Rock Creek Park? Take a look at Access Rock Creek, an online map showing parks, recreational opportunities, trail access points, picnic areas, points of interest, and nearby attractions.

Hike Rock Creek

Many of us know the parts of the creek near where we live or work, or where we cross sections of park along roadways.  We may have only seen Rock Creek from afar, and some of us only catch glimpses from our cars.

And there is a lot more to explore!

Join Rock Creek Conservancy and hike leader Kathy Stevens to discover and experience Rock Creek and all it has to offer in different seasons over the course of the year.  It is Kathy's personal goal to hike the length of the creek this year, and she welcomes you to join her for all or part of the distance!

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