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 Discover what people are saying about Rock Creek Conservancy: 

Washington Post, 12-19-2017: Rock Creek National Park? Norton wants a new name for nation’s oldest urban park. 

“Here we are sitting in the nation’s capital, and no one know it’s a national park,” Fleischer said. “Let’s make it so.”

Washington Post, 11-29-2017: Revered, then reviled: Tracking the rise and fall of ivy

"In Rock Creek Park, it has been spreading for years, though the invasion is being pushed back. Since 2013, volunteers with the Rock Creek Conservancy have pulled ivy vines from 12,687 trees, most of them in the District."

Forest Hills Connection, 11-27-2017: Volunteers needed for Soapstone Valley trash cleanup Saturday, Dec 2. 

City Paper, 11-22-2017: Give It Up, D.C. 2017 Giving Guide

"Rock Creek meanders 33 miles through the Washington metropolitan area, across numerous local and state borders, through forested parkland and along busy roads, near hiking trails, businesses, and backyards. But there is only one organization solely dedicated to the creek and its parks, an area visited annually by more than two million people. Rock Creek Conservancy leverages the park’s popularity, empowering visitors and neighbors alike to explore, enjoy, and become stewards of this national treasure. Each year, more than 4,500 volunteers pick up trash, remove invasive species, and restore native plants, while dozens of Stream Team leaders adopt sections of the creek for neighborhood-based stewardship. Local residents and landowners learn how they can improve the watershed’s health—from removing pet waste to mitigating English ivy—and get support to develop eco-friendly landscapes and backyard habitats. Meanwhile, the Conservancy acts as the park’s central advocate, contributing to the passage of environmental legislation in local government. You too can be a steward for good and ensure the park’s health and beauty."

Choose Clean Water Coalition Blog, 11-20-2017: Member Highlight: Rock Creek Conservancy

BizNow, 10-26-2017: Rock Creek Gala! 

Capitol File, 10-14-2017: Photos: Rock Creek Conservancy Gala 

Forest Hills Connection, 9-27-2017: Rock Creek Conservancy won't be moving into 3101 Albemarle

Current Newspapers, 9-27-2017: Rock Creek Conservancy seeks volunteers for Piney Branch cleanup

The Hoe, 9-16-2017: Rogue Bamboo Cut in Glover Archbold 

Forest Hills Connection, 8-29-17:
What its tiniest residents tell us about Broad Branch Stream's health

"Dani Churchill, a habitat restoration and urban forestry intern with the Rock Creek Conservancy, has been leading stewardship in the area this summer. For her, maintaining the integrity of the restoration consists of watering newly planted native grasses, perennials, and trees, as well as removing invasives throughout the over six-acre swath of land. Both activities encourage the establishment of native plants, which in turn clean and filter stormwater runoff before it even enters the stream."

DCist, 8-7-17: Beach Drive Block Party

The Northwest Current - Rock Creek Conservancy's Youth Program Doubles in Size  

"...Three years ago, a recruitment session at Capital City drew six people, she said. This year, nearly a third of the eligible students attended. “We are really creating an awesome culture in that community,” Carlsson said."

Forest Hills Connection, 7-27-17: Volunteer invasive removal event in Melvin C. Hazen park. 

United Nations Information Center Washington Blog, 7-18-17: Nelson Mandela Day Cleanup.

National Parks Conservation Association, 6-15-17: Forest Bathing with Melanie Choukas-Bradley.

Forest Hills Connection, 4-17-17: Rock Creek Conservancy hosts its 9th annual Rock Creek Extreme Cleanup on Earth Day.

The Washington Post, 11-9-16: Millennial volunteers are a driving force behind the success of nonprofits, including Rock Creek Conservancy. 

Bisnow, 10-10-16: View photos from our annual fundraising gala "Urban Wild" and read a short write-up with highlights from the evening.

Capitol File, 10-8-16: View photos from our annual fundraising gala "Urban Wild."

PoPville, 9-26-16: The volunteers who help us clean up Rock Creek Park on National Public Lands Day are recognized. 

OZY, 8-29-16: Rock Creek Park offers an escape to DC residents without them having to leave the city.  

The Northwest Current, 3-30-16: Volunteers work to improve the Chevy Chase area of Rock Creek Park. 

Montgomery Community Media, 3-10-16: Rock Creek Conservancy's Executive Director Matthew Fleischer discusses the work of the Conservancy on the local television show "Mongomery Week in Review."

Georgetown Patch, 2-2-16: As part of the 100th Anniversary of the National Park System, Rock Creek Conservancy and partners will rehabilitate five acres of land along Rock Creek and the Potomac Parkway during the Centennial Challenge.

The Washington Diplomat, 2-1-16: As part of the Diplomatic Spotlight, the 125th Anniversary Gala of Rock Creek Park is featured in wonderful photos and descriptions conveying the magic of the celebratory evening.

Forest Hills Connection, 1-18-16: Marlene Berlin writes about her stroll through the Park on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day and captures some of the volunteer efforts with wonderful photos.

Forest Hills Connection, 1-14-16: Kicking off the MLK Weeked of Service, volunteers led by the Rock Creek Conservancy will gather in Soapstone Valley and other Rock Creek parks to work on improving them.

The Northwest Current, 1-13-16: Highlights our volunteer activities for our 2016 Martin Luther King, Jr. Weekend of Service volunteer program.

Petworth News, 1-9-16: Coverage for Rock Creek Conservancy's 2016 Martin Luther King, Jr. Weekend of Service volunteer program.

Catalogue For Philanthropy, 1-1-16: Rock Creek Conservancy is honored to be selected by the 2015/16 Catalogue for Philanthropy: Greater Washington as one of the region's best small charities.

The Washington Post- Local, 12-9-15: Rock Creek Conservancy partners with Bethesda-Checy Chase High School for Career Day, offering students a chance to job shadow, learn about environmental stewardship, and the specific challenges that face Rock Creek.

The Washington Post- Energy and Environment, 9-30-15: An thoughtful interview with Green Ribbn Panelist, Dr. Edward O. Wilson, explaining why parks and nature are really beneficial for your brain- biophilia.

Washington Life Magazine, 9-28-15: Photographs from the 125th Anniversary Gala of Rock Creek Park.

WTOP, 9-26-15: Rock Creek Conservancy adopts the Piney Branch section as part of the Sustaining Our Lands through Volunteer Energy (SOLVE) sterwardship program.

DCist, 9-25-15: Eleanor Holmes Norton demands more respect for Rock Creek Park by introducing a bill in the House to rename it Rock Creek National Park.

The Georgetowner, 9-24-15: Celebrating Rock Creek Park's birthday, NPS will host Rock Creek Park Day and Rock Creek Conservancy among other Park partners will participate.

Forest Hills Connection, 9-15-15: Rock Creek Conservancy provides assistance to local Eage Scout for his eagle scout Project by mobilizing volunteers to revitalize the neglected Windom Place parklet on the east side of Connecticut Avenue.

The Washington Post, 8-19-15: Announces the 125th Anniversary Gala of Rock Creek Park, a celebration of the country's oldest urban national park.

Taylor Agostino Group, 5-29-15: Rock Creek Conservancy's Executive Director Matthew Fleischer recalls his childhood hikes with his dog along Rock Creek, backpacking excursions out West, family, entrepreneurship, and a professional career path that has led him back to his natural and local roots, just in time for the 125th Anniversary.

The New York Times, 5-28-15: Highlighting the 125th Annversary of Rock Creek Park, this article mentions Rock Creek Conservancy's new App as a tool to explore the Park during the quasquicentennial.

Washington City Paper, 5-15-15: The United Stated Department of Agriculture is launching the first ever monthly night farmers market and Rock Creek Conservancy will be hosting a table to promote outreach efforts and educate people about watershed issues.

Elevation DC, 4-13-15: A celebratory exposé of Rock Creek Park's 125th Anniversary, offering historical perspective and encouraging Washingtonians to take advantage of having a national park in your "backyard" by using it.

BISNOW, 2-10-15: Highlights the goals and programs that comprise the important work that Rock Creek Conservancy is undertaking to ensure a healthy future for Rock Creek and the surrounding watershed.

THE SCENE BISNOW, 1-29-15: Photo of Rock Creek Conservancy's Executive Director Matthew Fleischer, Representative Eleanor Holmes Norton, Montgomery County Executive Isiah Leggett, and Green Ribbon Panel Chairman Doug Barker celebrating the Launch of the 125th Anniversary.

The Northwest Current, 1-28-15: A feature on the front-page that provides a synopsis of the 125th Anniversary Launch day's events. Highlights include Green Ribbon Panelist conveying the many cherished aspects of Rock Creek Park and the educational Junior Ranger Program, featuring owl education titled, "Whoo's Awake."

DCist, 1-27-15: Overview of the 125th Anniversary Launch event at the Omni Shoreham Hotel featuring notable speakers including Eleanor Holmes Norton and Chris Van Hollen among others, expressing their personal connection to Rock Creek Park.

WTOP, 1-25-15: A concise report of the 125th Anniversary Launch that focuses on the overall goals of minority outreach, spoken so eloquently by Green Ribbon Panelist Audrey Peterman, and mobile app implementation, spearheaded by Rock Creek Conservancy's Executive Director Matthew Fleischer.

The Washington Post- Local, 1-25-15: Park Ranger Tony Linforth teaches and engages children as they learn about owls at the Nature Center on the morning of the 125th Anniversary Launch.

The Washington Post, 9-27-14: Rock Creek Park turns 124; celebrates with African American history hike.

Go Parks, The National Park Foundation Newsletter, Sept. 2014: A brief overview of Rock Creek Park and Rock Creek Conservancy's programs and volunteer opportunities.

The Washington Post- Style Blog, 7-18-14: Rock Creek Park Superintendent Tara Morrison outlines three goals: stewardship, communication/outreach, and access, as paramount for the 125th Anniversary year and beyond.

Washington Post Magazine, 7-11-14: Filled with beautiful photographs, this tribute to Rock Creek Park offers unique perspectives- from an ancestor, birder, artist, biologist, and boundry walker; all of whom have a special relationship with Rock Creek Park.



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