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Caroline Cunningham - Interim CEO


Caroline Cunningham - Interim CEO

Caroline’s nonprofit superpower allows her to see the future! She uses her power to envision a better world and inspire the people around her to take positive action. She helps organizations both small and large reach their goals, and now she’s come to the aid of Rock Creek Conservancy (even though her favorite park will always be the National Mall.) On a nice day, you might find her biking on one of Rock Creek’s many paths.


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Michelle Kokolis - Director of Programs & Operations

Michelle Kokolis


If she was a Rock Creek superhero she'd be the "Grant Guru" due to her life-long love of water, her scientific background, and the supernatural ability leap tall reports in a single bound! You might catch Michelle at Shirlington Dog Park taking pictures as her pup paddles. If she was a body of water she'd be a rocky tide pool in the Pacific Northwest.  

Michelle's RCC Haiku

We need clean water
Advocate for what is right
Swim, fish, play, and drink

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Arielle Conti - Program Manager: Rock Creek Conservation Corps

Arielle 01


Arielle's Rock Creek superpower is magnetism, bringing people and nature together! She strives to empower the next generation of stewards to conserve and protect Rock Creek and its watershed by connecting them with nature. An adventure with Arielle might take you biking across the country or simply to Crispus Attucks Park, her favorite park in D.C. 

Arielle's  RCC Haiku: 

We all need nature
Not everyone has access
We must close that gap

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John Maleri - Program Manager: Volunteers, Outreach, and Restoration

John Maleri Circle 01

If John had a superpower, he’d be “Trail Man!” He confidently goes where few have been before, traversing all of Rock Creek’s trails, big and small! As of now, he’s finished Rock Creek Park and is coming for Montgomery County trails next! Next time you see him at a volunteer event, ask him a question. He wants to you to test his trail skills. His favorite trail in D.C.? Glover-Archbold Park.           

John's RCC Haiku

Green leaves everywhere
Wait, that is English Ivy
Help me cut the vine!
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Kate Arion - Development Manager for Special Events

Kate Circle 01

On picnics, Kate brings homemade chicken salad, crackers, and strawberries. She uses her Rock Creek superpowers for good, by networking and connecting with potential partners and supporters. Having always been a nature lover, she puts her skills to work to restore Rock Creek to its full potential (and throw a Gala or two along the way.)               

Kate's RCC Haiku: 

From Maryland Shore
Granite brains from New Hampshire
Now explores Rock Creek

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Katy Cain - Communications Manager

Katy Cain

Katy is a biology geek with a passion for visual communication that just won't quit. Her Rock Creek superpower is shapeshifting, because she can create content for every audience. When you go on a picnic with her you know there will be wine, cheese, and photo shoots. 

Katy's RCC Haiku

Twitter, once concise
Now, two hundred and eighty
So, I make haikus.

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Scott Einberger - Program Manager: Downspout Disconnect Program

Scott Einberger - Program Manager - History Nerd

Scott is an environmental history dork to the nth degree. As such, his Rock Creek superpower is time travel! His book, "A History of Rock Creek Park: Wilderness and Washington, DC” tells the story of Rock Creek Park and how it came to be the beloved park it is today. We think it’s fitting that he joined us to protect the very park he knows so much about. For the conservancy, he works to improve the water quality of "the national capital's creek” by disconnecting downspouts from the District’s combined sewer systems.

Scott's RCC Haiku: 

Rapids bridge view:
Whitewater creek, sycamore
Running water sound

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Stacey Norman - Office Administrator

Stacey Norman 01

If Stacey was a body of water, she’d be the Caribbean Sea; her favorite outdoor spot in D.C. is Hains Point, and she loves a good concert out in nature. Her Rock Creek superpower is organization, keeping Rock Creek Conservancy in check so we can keep Rock Creek healthy.   

Stacey's RCC Haiku: 

Summer here again.
Music plays sweetly, drifting.
And life is renewed


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