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  • About Rock Creek Conservancy

Katy Cain, Communications Manager

Katy Cain Web


Katy is a biology geek with a passion for communications. 

Her background is varied, having worked with national parks, non-profits, and tech start-ups. Before joining the Conservancy, she served as the Visual Information Specialist with Rock Creek Park. There, she developed wayside exhibits and brochures, managed web and social media, and pushed for expanding the park's communications efforts through new technologies. 

When she's not working, you might find Katy traipsing through the forest searching for cool bugs and salamanders to photograph. Don't get to close, or she may make you hold her reflector! Despite her love of the woods, her favorite park in the D.C. area is Georgetown Waterfront Park because it is an excellent example of how green infrastructure can make a city beautiful and functional while keeping the urban ecology healthy.