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Caroline Cunningham - Interim CEO


Caroline Cunningham - Interim CEO

Caroline’s nonprofit superpower allows her to see the future! She uses her power to envision a better world and inspire the people around her to take positive action. She helps organizations both small and large reach their goals, and now she’s come to the aid of Rock Creek Conservancy (even though her favorite park will always be the National Mall.) On a nice day, you might find her biking on one of Rock Creek’s many paths.


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Full Bio

After a decades-long career where Caroline managed nonprofits and foundations, built successful private-public partnerships, fundraised hundreds of millions of dollars, and created successful communications and political strategies, she founded her own non-profit management consulting firm Big Vision. Her clients include national and local organizations and span environmental issues, public private partnerships and politically focused groups.

Caroline was the Founding President of the Trust for the National Mall dedicated to preserving one of the most iconic landscapes in the world; the National Mall. Under her leadership the organization raised nearly $190 million in combined private and public funds in seven years. Her success was acknowledged by The Washington Business Journal, which honored her with its 2013 “Women Who Mean Business” Award.